Blogger: What is a blogger? Simply 2019

?What is a blogger

What is a blogger? Simply 2019
What is a blogger

?Does Blogger cost money

Blogger is a free blogging platform powered by Google that allows everyone to create a blog to share texts such as news and educational articles, videos and photos.

?What is a blogger

Blogger was launched in August 1999 By company Pyra Labs in San Francisco and was acquired by Google in February 2003. A year after Google purchased the Blogger service, it purchased Picasa and Photo Sharing Utility, and in 2009 they were integrated into Blogger. After Google's purchase of the plug-in service, several new features, most notably the geolocation service, link editing in the build view (not just HTML), and the zoom feature zoom in and out in preview mode. 

Blogger currently offers private blogs - with custom templates, timestamp entries, archive pages, commenting capabilities, multi-user capability, and the ability to monetize by signing up for Google AdSense.

Blogger also provides members with the Google Toolbar "BlogThis!", And the ability to add Blogger posts to your social media accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, and Blogger Mobile is available for Android and iOS mobile devices.
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