What is SEO Concept? What is the main goal of SEO 2020

What is SEO Concept? What is the main goal of SEO 2020

When you step into the field of making web or online marketing, you are more or less sure you've heard of SEO and many people recommend you to do SEO.

Because this is a popular field, it has been booming recently.

And how do you achieve success in SEO?

I know that when you follow this article, you also know what SEO is, or what to do.

But here, I will not only explain the definition and website SEO jobs.

But I also mention the applications and SEO results on the search engines that bring you never expected!

what SEO is?

SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization
Search engine optimization? It includes methods to help improve the ranking of a website on the search engine results page - SERPs (usually Google).

The Simple Truth About SEO

SEO Fact Let's first take a look at the picture below:

open a search engine and search for the keyword "trade", 
you can see a series of search results.

The first part of the search results, which read "Qc" (advertising) or "Ad" (advertising) means Google Adwords - paid to advertise.

And the next part without those words is SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

And in order, the websites ranked in the next position, in turn, are considered to have top 1, top 2, top 3 positions on search engines like Google.

You think: 

  • Website owned by famous brands has a huge amount of traffic (traffic) to be at the top of search engines ???
  • Small businesses that are not known and not well known will never be at the top of the search results ???
However, the truth is not so!
All the top positions have the optimal method to get high rankings on search engines. And the technical term for that is SEO.

The goal of SEO

 the two most important factors of SEO, determining your website rankings are

  1.  On-page SEO
  2.  Off-page SEO 
In general, SEO not only helps you: 
Optimize your website
A solution for improving the quality of website content in the eyes of users.
To that end, 

the main SEO goal is:

Increase the quantity & quality of traffic (aka traffic) of potential users to the website.

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